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Climb Up CocoBoy ! You Must Reach Her !
CocoBoy is separated from CocoGirl, he's on the floor, she's on the ceiling.
He must climb up to reach her by jumping over fallen platforms.

How To Play :
Your objective is to Reach CocoGirl that is standing on the ceiling.

  • Controls :
    • Move : Press arrow blocks to move right or left.
    • Jump : Tap anywhere on screen to Jump.
    • Double Jump : While jumping in midair, Tap again anywhere on screen to Re-jump.
    • Move + Jump : You can jump or double jump in a direction while moving toward it.
  • Gameplay : 
    • Everytime, a platform will fall from top.
    • Dodge the falling platforms to avoid getting crashed.
    • Jump on the top of stable platforms to climb higher.
    • Move wisely to prevent getting stuck or enclosed between platforms.
    • Reaching the right or left edge of the screen will send you to the opposite edge.
    • From time to time, orange power-balls may appear. 
    • Move or jump on an orange power-ball to consume it and recover one missing health point. 
    • If an orange power-ball gets in contact with a platform, It will explode and destroy near platforms.
    • Once on a higher enough platform, jump on CocoGirl to score.

Install instructions

Notice about CocoBoy .exe (Windows Version) :
The Windows version is just a direct importation of the original android version.

  • Keyboard Controls : 
    • Move : Arrow keys 
    • Jump : Space 
    • Use mouse clicks instead of touch.


CocoBoy.apk (Android) 5 MB
CocoBoy.exe (Windows) 3 MB

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